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What is CarryVan & CarryBee ?

This is a delivery service that anyone* with a Hong Kong ID can do.
CarryVan performs delivery through it’s own vehicle.
CarryBee performs delivery on foot.
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CarryVan & CarryBee Questions

We welcome all Hong Kong residents who are 18+ , who own a smart phone and interested to earn extra income by delivering for CarryVan / CarryBee ! CarryVan needs Vehicle registration and driving license , being a CarryBee needs H.K ID only. Please sign up for a free training session on our website. You can do this in our “With Us” page and attend the training. You can activate your account afterwards.

Approximately 1 hour, we will verify your identity and teach you how to use our mobile app during the training! Your account will be activated after training and you can start accepting orders!


  1. H.K ID
  3. Vehicle license
  4. Drive license


  1. H.K ID

No. Joining CarryVan & CarryBee is completely free of charge. CB Limited will only collect commission after you have completed delivery orders.

Sure. You can decide on your available date and CB will provide suitable orders for you.

If you want to take a break, just take it and if you want to earn more , you can register on any of your available days.

If you register your available date on 5th Aug , CB will send the orders to you at 21:00, 4th Aug. you will have to choose your available date in our App every 17:00. Therefore CB will send out the orders at 21:00 everyday if you sign for the next day.

It depends on your level for CarryVan.